Cash for Communities – Giving Back to Vermilion

Congratulations to Paul Yarmuch winner of Harps Family Foods’ Cash for Communities Competition. A $500 prize was awarded to Yarmuch as part of Harps Family Foods Customer Appreciation Day on February 14.

Yarmuch was thrilled with his winnings and knew exactly where his money would go. He explained to Vermilion Voice reporter Trudy McKenzie, “Several weeks ago my great great Niece Mya Jaremco had an accident and was rushed to Edmonton by STARS and our own son would not be alive today were it not for this same service. When we found out we had won we decided right away that we wanted to donate our winnings to STARS.”

As reported in the Vermilion Voice, Harp’s Family Foods Store Manager Keith Manasterski said, “It’s great to see a winner with such wonderful plans to support such an important community service.” Indeed, everyone at Harps Family Foods was ecstatic to hear the money was going to such a worthy cause. STARS provides an important service to the Vermilion community assuring citizens get critical ambulance care when they need it the most.

Paul Yarmuch is an inspiration to us all and makes us proud to be part of the Vermilion community.

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Vermilion Voice Harps Community Winner Story

Images courtesy of The Vermilion Voice Ltd.