Harps Family Foods Grand Opening Vermilion

Harps Family Foods Grand Opening went off with a bang on November 13th. The Lakeland Mall location welcomed well wishers from the municipal and business community along with countless customers who flowed in to take advantage of the great deals.

The store had got its legs with a soft opening a week prior and the depleted produce department was already getting ready for a fresh shipment. As Manager Keith Manasterski explained to Vermilion Voice reporter Trudy McKenzie, “The store has definitely seen quite a bit of traffic.”

Mayor, Bruce Marriot was among the impressed customers. He exclaimed, “You can see they have built for success. This has to have cost a great deal of money to develop to this level. They have obvi­ously invested to be here for years to come.”

Among the buzz of activity and honored guests were Harp Khela’s parents, Kundan and Kamaljit Khela. During the ribbon cutting cermony, Kamaljit stepped back from the limelight and remarked, “This store is marvellous and such a beautiful store”. A point of pride shared by all.

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Images courtesy of The Vermilion Voice Ltd.