Shelf Stockers

Overnight stockers at HARPS FAMILY FOODS essentially are responsible for helping to get the store prepared every night for the next morning’s and day’s customers.

They process freight, create new displays on endcaps and fill shelves with merchandise. They must stock this merchandise in a stable manner. After filling shelves with merchandise, they zone the store, which involves bringing stocked items forward so that shelves appear full and neat. They also ensure that individual items are in their correct locations.

HARPS FAMILY FOODS overnight stockers work in all departments, specified from his/her Supervisor. They additionally must answer questions from overnight customers and follow the company’s “10-foot rule,” which requires associates to acknowledge and offer to help customers who are within 10 feet of them. In addition, they might be required to help gather outside shopping carts.

Overnight stockers at HARPS FAMILY FOODS must follow safe work practices by keeping their work areas free of debris such as plastic and cardboard used to package the merchandise they stock. In addition, they should use pallet jacks carefully when transporting pallets of stock from one location to another. These individuals also are required to perform group warm-up stretches prior to beginning their stocking duties and must practice proper lifting techniques along with ladder and riser safety rules. They additionally should be knowledgeable about the store’s safety and emergency procedures and know how to address liquid and chemical spills.